Turning Archive 2005

Measuring Threads Per Inch -- Longish

Dave Fuqua
>I recently purchased what I believe is the world's cheapest lathe you can buy -- Cummins Tool off the truck sale for $99.99 (a whopping 2.9 amp motor with sheet metal bed). All I can say is that it does in fact turn. Feel free to LOL or throw out any 'you get what you pay for cliche'. . .

One of the many problems I now have are due to the specs that came with the lathe being way off. The face plate that it came with has a neck with the threads bored off center enough to make using it an adventure. I would like to make, or have made, a new faceplate and am having trouble trying to decide what the diameter and threads per inch should be.

Do you measure diameter from outside edge to outside edge of the threads? Do you measure just outside edge to count up the threads? The specs say 3/4" 8 TPI but I would say that is off -- like everything else. . .

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