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Dream Machines, long winded

Ken Romines
>I just finished reading about the Silverdrive/Poolewood lathe in an earlier thread (today). There were several comments made about the design changes people wanted to see in this machine.

I am very slowly finishing my shop and renovating the machines that I have, including a lathe. In a prior life (20 years ago) I used a wood lathe a lot for spindles and occasionaly for bowls. So I have some definite ideas about what I want in a lathe (22-24 inch swing, variable speed, at least 36 inch capacity and a base that is weighs more that I do {don't ask, its a lot}). I want to make hollow forms and platters. How much bed capacity do I need to use a 'Jamison' style boring bar? How much throw is good in the tailstock? How much horse power do I need? What else do I need to consider?-besides classes.

What I would appreciate is your suggestions about design elements that you particularly like in your machine or that you want in your dream machine.

Thanks in advance, you guys and gals have already helped in the design and goals for my shop than you will ever know. (Even if my wife thinks my shop is the sink hole for the national debt.)

Ken Romines in Lubbock, Texas
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