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Running machines via the Dryer plug

Jay in TX
>***Repost from the Main Board***
Ladies and Gents,
This may sound a little nuts, but I'd like to run equipment from the dryer connection. Its the only plug in the house for 240V, but the breaker is 30amp (or better) IIRC. Can I get away with a straight extension cord from the dryer socket to the equipment? built in fuse to the extension cord?

I move about every 2-3 years in my line of work. I don't have any 220-240V equipment yet because of the lack of output (eg. plug outlets for that voltage) in your typical home. I also don't want to wire in every home I live in for the next 10 or so years. Is there a workable/portable solution, or should I just concede to 110V woodbutchering?

I've searched this board and the Main board to no avail. I hate having to rehash what's been here before. I've seen it, but I don't remember what to look for, so I need a little help, advice, slap on hand, or just a good point in the right direction.



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