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air filter advice please

Shawn - in ID
>I know the JDS 750ER is a pretty popular air filter and I've seen several positive postings on it. I was just about to order one when I came across the 3-speed Delta 50-875. The delta is ~$20 less with 1/5 hp motor and CFM of 540, 730 and 1200 (though I can't be sure this is filtered air flow - website looks like 1000CFM filtered might be max); Woodcraft lists it's filtering capacity at 99% down to 1 micron. The JDS is listed at 1/4 hp, 200 or 750 CFM filtered air, 99% to 5 micron and 80% to 1 micron. So, I haven't found any comments on the Delta but it seems a better deal at the current prices. Is their something else I should know about these, or another filter I should consider in this price range (~$250-300)?

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air filter advice please
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