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Opinions for bowl finishes wanted-Longish

steve antonucci
>The other day, my wife asked me to donate a bowl to a local charity event for a family in our community. I went through my collection, and took out 2 older pieces (which were so-so) and one recent piece, which was up to my current standards (however, my wife hated it- she has an aversion to spalted woods...)

So the event was a silent auction, and apparently, people like my work. Not meaning to brag, but my bowls drew more bids than they should have, and sold for a very nice donation to a worthy cause. As a result of the bidding war, many people did not get the bowls, and decided to approach my wife, who began to overcommit me, er, um, I mean take orders on my behalf.

One of the orders was for a bowl "just like the one from the auction"- which was a piece of spalted maple from the woods by my house. Power company cut the tree, and I saw the black lines running through the stump, and ran out to buy a chainsaw... 5 years ago. So I went back into the woods, and cut a bunch more of it, some a little soft, and refinished an older bowl to make a salad set.

So now my question:

Normally, my bowl finish is mineral oil and beeswax (easy, looks good, cheap), but I'm afraid that it may not hold up to a good vinegrette. Aside from that, the bowls are spalted maple, and I'm afraid that staining from a dressing might shorten their lifespan.

The bowls have been alcohol soaked (killing all organisms?) and wet sanded with mineral oil. What would you all recommend for a day-to-day usage finish? All opinions wanted.


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Opinions for bowl finishes wanted-Longish
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