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Apples for the teachers (PICS)

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

I made these two apple bowls for my son's teachers this Spring as a small end of year gift. I really liked the teachers this year and they did a really good job with the little ones. I figured an apple for the teacher would only last for a few bites, but maybe a small apple bowl would last longer! Each bowl is about 6 inches in diamter. The one on the right came from a lovely piece of apple from David Propst. The bigger one from that block cracked, but I am still looking at salvage operations, just for fun. The one on the left came from an ebay purchase. Both bowls were alcohol dried. Turned and sanded to about 600 and then buffed with the Beale System.

Comments and critiques are always welcome. There's a nice knotty area on the left one that has a whole through the bottom. Neat stuff.

I actually prefer the one on the right, even though the one on the left took a better finish. The left one has a sort of light bulb shape that I am not crazy about, it just sort of happened that way. The one on the right seems to work better and I like the burned lines. The one on the left just looks sort of "clunky" for lack of a bbetter word.

Thanks for looking,


2 Apples up on Top in Apex, NC...

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