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turning blank prices

Tom Sontag - St. Louis
>Once again I turn to this knowledgable board for advice. As the subject suggests, my question is about blank pricing, or actually burl pricing. I know how to calculate board footage and also how to weigh smaller items, so pricing by bf or poundage is within my range. But have any of you bought (for cash money - I know, sorry) burls in very rough chainsawn right-off-the-trunk form (that is, not neatly bandsawn squares)? It seems that selling by weight makes the most sense for odd wedge shaped medicine ball sized hunks. But dang it, I cannot even figure out how to weigh them. It was all I had to roll them onto a pallet. I can't see buying a large scale to sell a few burls. So maybe a rough cubic measure is easier. I would need to think each one out fairly carefully. Or maybe something like: "basketball size $20, beachball size, $25, medicine ball sized $40," etc.

How rare or desirable are mulberry burls? Got any pictures of mulberry burl pieces? And before you get all excited or the moderator reaches for the rule book, this is not a solicitation since we do not ship. For comparison, we sell #1C cherry for $3/bf, FAS for $4. So we have what you might call sawmill prices, i.e., no middleman markup. Just shoot out some comparable numbers and how you would go about it and you will have my sincere appreciation.

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