Turning Archive 2005


Jim King
>To answer the questions about how we finish the bottoms here are some photos.
Last night I was ask about Jumbo Jaws, scroll chucks and other things but I don’t know what they are but you can see here what we do.. We really are not up to date with the things you all have up there to work with but we try to do everything in the simplest way we can figure out.
Photo 1: This is our parting tool made out of a piece of chainsaw bar which we use until reaching the point where the screws from the face plate penetrate close to the bowl base .
Photo 2: This is the parting tool made out of the machete for when the screws are very near the bowl base and can touch the wider tool from the chain saw bar. The machete slides between the screw tips and the bowl base for a clean cut..
Photo 3: Sanding the base with 120 and 220 before hand sanding and finishing.
Photo 4: The majority of our customers prefer the velvet on the base so we glue this on the base over the finish. . Sometimes we will make a turned base but it takes a good deal of time the way we have to do it and the velvet or simply finished sells well.
The photos show the wood in a very light color when on the lathe in the shop , I dont know why

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