Turning Archive 2005

Pole Lathe Pen Project

Darrell in Oakville
>I'm a regular lurker here on the turning board, and this is one of those infrequent times when I actually have something "interesting" to post here.

I've embarked on yet another in a seemingly enless series of lunatic woodworking projects. This time I was trying to turn a pen on a pole lathe. This is an interim report, just a teaser, hopefully to be followed up with the full story next week...

Here's my lathe setup. I have an ironwood (hop hornbeam) pole as the drive spring.

I started with some beech blanks without the brass tubes. Just something to play with as a proof of concept. These went quite well. I set the pen hardware in the finished blanks just to give you an idea:

Then I tried a curly maple blank. Nasty tearout. How nasty? THIS nasty...

My wife Kathy tells me Jim Shaver showed her how to fix this, so I will give the fix a try this week. Next weekend I might be able to complete the project...

Stay tuned!

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