Turning Archive 2005

A late "Thank You" *LINK*

Russ Fairfield
>We have been home again for a month, so it is about time that I said THANK YOU to all of the clubs in NC, GA, FL, and NV who had invited me for a presentation, to all of those who let us park the motor home in their yard, and to all those clubs and members who purchased advanced copies of the finishing videos.

We enjoyed the trip, got to meet a lot of woodturners, got to make a lot of new friends and see some old ones, got to see a lot of the country, and got to see a lot of turned wood by a lot of talented people. I am always amazed by how many really excellent woodturning artists and craftspersons there are, and how much of what they are doing would be at home in any gallery or exhibit anywhere.

The past month has been a busy one. First there was 2-months of the missed spring yard work and weed growth to catch up with, then there were the first 2 classes of the year, the finishing videos to get ready, and some new things to put on the Website. Now it time to get back to some serious woodturning. Both the woodpile and the finished inventory are near Zero, and the first show of the year is only 2-months away. And, next years travel plans are still open.

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