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A Story about Coming Full Circle, pics

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

This is a story about something coming full circle. As many of you know I have a project called Pens For Canadian Peacekeepers. This has created many interesting connections and stories over the past 8 months and yesterday another one came my way.

My neighbour told me his father had some walnut to give me to make pens with for this cause. He told me his dad had been given the walnut by one of his neighbours some 20 years ago. It turns out this neighbour had worked during the second world war in a factory here in Toronto making rifles and the walnut was used for the gun stalk. At the end of the war much of the wood materials made its way home with some of the workers. This man who worked in that factory passed on 10 years ago.

I started to think, it’s been 60 years since VE day, this wood must now be on the order of 100 years or more. It was intended for the Canadian Army as guns, but now it’s going to go to the Canadian Armed Forces as pens…..full circle.

I looked at the wood, it’s all quarter sawn. I decided to make Mr. Geoff Pilmoor a cigar pen and I made a slim line pen for his neighbours’ widow, all from the same walnut.

Tonight I told him what I was going to do with the wood and I asked him to pass along the slim line to his neighbour, she’s now 86.

This project has had many positive stories, too many to share here with you right now, but this is typical of the nature of the people I have met and been supported by.

The wood and the pens

Mr. Geoff Pilmoor and Casey

Thanks for viewing,

Take care,

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A Story about Coming Full Circle, pics
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