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Multi-axis turning, fumed Oak stem turning (Long) *PIC*

Craig Daymon
>Here is a, somewhat awkward, multi-axis turning I did recently. Curly Maple top, Fume White (maybe Red) Oak stem, and Cherry base.

The top started out as a hollowform that I blew throught the side of. (I really love curly stock and couldn't bear to toss it away.) The center is colored with blue PrismaColor marker and the base of the center traced with a woodburning tool. (Can't say I love the look, but I like it more than I did just after I did it.)

The center stem was my first (well, second after the first failed) attempt at multi-axis turning. After I figured out what was going on, it was relatively easy to do. I'm considering a lamp base using this technique. The stem was fumed using Household Ammonia. Two small pyrex dishes were placed on either side of the stem inside an igloo cooler. It was sealed up for about 5 days. Not as fast as using commercial grade ammonia, but MUCH safer and as you can see by the color, very effective. The key is a container that is very air tight. A cooler works great. Remember to keep the item being fumed up on supports so the fumes can get around the object. (Not much of an issue in this case as the ends were tenons to fit into the top and base.) After removing the item, let is off-gas for about a day before finishing. If the process raises the grain (it did for me) it can be sanded as fuming penetrates fairly substantially into the piece.

The base is Cherry. It was Walnut, but that base broke.

Comments? (Go ahead, be brutal. I know it's an odd item.)


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