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Ponderosa Pine

Ken George
>I have a piece of ponderosa pine from Mount Lemon in Tucson, AZ. It is from one of the many trees that were damaged in the fires that swept through Mount Lemon in 2003 and 2004. The log is about 20" long and 10" in diameter and has several cracks. There are a couple of branches that have been cut off. It was shipped from Tucson wrapped in shrink wrap and has not been unwrapped yet. My plan is to split it and rough out 4 bowls. After drying the plan is to fill whatever cracks are in the roughs with turquoise In Lace. My question is: what method would you suggest using to dry the roughed out bowls?

Other than one for me the 3 others will be gifts to people in Tucson who assisted me over the past 2 months while I was there helping my sister after major heart surgery. So I want to use a method that will be as sure as possible to yield usable roughed bowls.



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Ponderosa Pine
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