Turning Archive 2005

My First Poly Resin Pen, pics

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

With pen turners looking for new materials to turn pens from, polyester resins are the latest in a variety of materials on the scene these days. Ed Davidson was kind enough to sell me some off his castings and today I tried my first one.

I used a Craft Supply Statesman kit, it seemed to compliment the turning with the right amount of detail.

My first impressions of the material are that it was easy to work with. The drilling was simple, turning was cleaner for me that acrylics and the sanding polishing process I used with Micro Mesh and Nova Phase 2 plastic polish is all that was needed.

I have several more blanks from my purchase, I will be saving them for my better kits. Ed, once again, Thank You…these look awesome!

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