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A Visit With Dave Smith

Charlie Anderson in Southern Maryland
>My wife and I took a 2 week trip to Washington and Oregon. While my wife attended a conference in Portland one day, I drove an hour north to Longview to visit with Dave Smith. When I finally found his house (street sign grown over by bushes), I most impressed with his shop and wood storage.

It turns out we both have the same lathe, a Jet 1236. Only difference is his is a bit 'souped up'. Small things like a larger motor and variable speed controller.

I had only planned to spend an hour or so, but it ended up being 4 hours. He showed me his impressive shop and his more impressive (to me at least) wood storage in the back yard. He has a nice quonset hut shaped enclosure which is about 10' x 18'. It even has a floor to keep the moisture out. And of course, it was chock full of wood. Some for turning and some for flat work, whatever that is!

I asked a lot of questions and Dave isn't exactly bashful, so the time flew by. He showed me a few techniques as well.

Then he put together a selection of Western woods. We weighed them so they wouldn't run my one empty (not any more) suitcase over the 50# limit.

Thanks, Dave for an enjoyable day. I turned one of the pieces of dawn redwood today. It was going to be a beautiful bown, but......the side got so thin at one point, I put my finger nail through it.

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A Visit With Dave Smith
Cool guy, huh?
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