Turning Archive 2005

OT: Banjo music

Keith Tompkins
>While I was at Brookfield last weekend, a group of teachers decided to wake early and visit the local outdoor flea-market.

Walking through the market, I turned a corner and I heard banjo music....hmmm, not too bad. Probably an old record. Interested, I moved closer to the sound. I could see an elderly gentleman playing the instrument. As I got closer I thought to myself...he's pretty good! no, very good. No, this guy's extremely good.

I listened for quite some time, and had a good conversation with him. Turns out he's a well known musician, he actually won the banjo world bluegrass championship some years ago. We seemed to hit it off.....he signed a cd for me, invited me to his home, just minutes from the school.

He told me to bring my guitar, and offered a few banjo lessons.....great fun! Any other bluegrass fans at WC?

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