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Dissolving hot melt glue (how to?)

Mike Schwing from Md.
>I messed up an expensive 1" ball shaped carbide carving burr by carving off a glue block I thought I had secured with epoxy. Turned out I used hot melt glue and the burr melted the glue and it got all over the burr, effectively ruining it. I have tried all of the common carbide bit cleaning techniques with zero success. Wire brush, acetone, etc.. no luck at all.

I could heat it up with a torch or one a stove but the reality of that method is that it won't drip off all of the glue - there are thousands of nooks and crannies. Thought if I could somehow dissolve it instead that might be the ticket.

I have not tried a denatured alcohol soak yet but will today. I don't think this will work though.

Any suggestions? Thx.

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