Turning Archive 2005

shaving booth

John Lucas
>Ron reminded me I need to make a sort of shaving booth or shaving containment area. I roughed out this really out of round oak blank this weekend and had shavings in an 8 to 10 foot circle all over the shop. I really don't like that and want to contain them in a smaller area.

I thought about roll up clear plastic but in the summer I'm going to need the breeze to stay cool. I thought about roll up mosquito netting which would allow the breeze to pass and maybe stop some of the bugs but the shavings will stick to it.

I'm wondering if something like a mini blind might work. I don't want to block out all the outside light but that may not be an option. I figure if you tilt the slats so they point inside the shavings would fall off but the breeze and some light would still pass through.

What do you all do. If I had room I'd just build a big funnel around the lathe. Maybe I could build a cove wall, then I would have a photo studio in my shop and no corners to sweep up. I might even be able to write that off my taxes.

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