Turning Archive 2005

The WoodCentral community.

Gary Evans, Tallassee, TN
>I've been hanging around this neighborhood for a number of years now. Around 5 or 6, I think. I've had the good fortune during that time to meet a number of you folks in person.

Tonight, I was fooling around, looking for some information about a WC member who recently e-mailed me, when I stumbled upon the Mug Shots for the first time in a long tims.

Everyone should take the time to #1, send in a picture of themselves to the page, and #2, just go take a look at the 186 pictures of WC'ers who are already there. It was very good to put faces with some of the names that I am so familiar with, plus remembering some of the regulars that are no longer with us. I particularly miss Phil Wall and Dick Tuttle. They both taught me a lot about turning wood. Also, tonight is the first time I found out that Al Sweet didn't make it in his battle with brain cancer. Lost another good one there.

Anyway, the Mug Shots, as well as the personal profiles are two excellent ways to get to know the rest of the folks on this street, since we don't have a front porch to set and jaw on.


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