Turning Archive 2005

This is silly *PIC*

Keith Tompkins
>I displayed one of my pieces at a woodworking show last year. I was constantly asked....How did you do that?!

Thinking I was quite funny, I answered one person..."I really don't remember; I had been drinking quite heavily that week, and I can't recall a thing."

Things went downhill from there, and very quickly. Seems the person I said my little joke to was friends with people I knew. I got several inquiries that day about programs that would help someone like me. I got e-mail, I got letters. I got phone calls from other turning clubs, letting me know they would do all they could to help with my problem.

Really , I don't drink! No, really. Just a bad joke.....now, the funny part...This is the father's day card I received from my daughter. Seems her sense of humor is as misguided as mine.

I thought you may get a chuckle out of this. LOL

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