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tape chuck *PIC*

john Lucas
>This is sort of my version of what I call a tape chuck for reverse turning. This is just a photo of a made up scenario because I didn't have a bowl that might fit this size wasteblock chuck.
What I do is take a scrap of wood and mount it to a faceplate and then turn it true. Then I will turn a raised tenon or possibly a just a groove to accept the shape of the bowl. This centers it and helps hold it in place.

You may be able to turn the bottom using just the tailstock to hold every thing but sometimes the bowl slips and you always risk the possibility that the little tenon that is cut as you turn the bottom will break and the bowl goes flying.

That's why a started using blue painters masking tape. It won't leave a mark on the bowl and holds pretty well. If you need extra security put some nylon strapping tape over it. This stuff won't break but will leave glue on the bowl. If you put it over the masking tape it won't.

I started using rubber inner tube slices and they work quite well. Don Russel in Atlanta got me started using stretch wrap. This stuff won't mark the bowl and really holds.

I've never had a bowl come off. You can't take heavy cuts and I usually try to make sure that the bevel rubbing pushes the work onto the faceplate as I'm cutting. Scraping can create a lot of vibration that might loosen the bowl.

This will also work with a natural edge piece or a vase. Simply turn a small hole in the middle of the faceplate. Then turn a log so it will fit in this hole and stick out far enough to fit into your natural edge piece or into your vase. Put rubber on the tip. put the vase in place and tape it so it will be held tight. I always use the tailstock until it gets in the way. This is just plain old security.

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