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Design Survey Finished *PIC*

Ben Aragon
>Design Survey Finished,

I finished the piece and here it is hope you like it. The vessel is 6” by 6”, carved and burned. When I asked for the survey I already had this in mind but I was looking for something out of the box. I was curious and wondered what others would come up with. I did not want to just play it safe and leaving the holes and finish the vessel; I’ve done that. I appreciate all your input though. Maybe all the adventurous were away for the father’s day weekend.

I carved all the lines with a rotary cutting tool and used my pyrography machine to highlight them and to make the drawings.

I got this cottonwood from a dead tree, from lighting. I have one other large piece I plan to make another vessel like this one but wider and flatter. I almost didn’t finish the piece today, a transformer at the end of my driveway exploded while I was starting to part it off. It was so load I thought my lathe had exploded and my ears were ringing. Hour lather they were fixing it.

It was a little hard to start this piece because when it was finish turned and oiled the grain looked remarkable. I had an idea to do stone. I wanted the natural color variations in the wood to look like multi colored sand stone. The grain is a little lost but the color variation in the bricks is just what I was after. If I can find more cottonwood like this I’ll keep doing it. It looks better at a little distance, comments welcome

Best Wishes,

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