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Design Survey Help *PIC*

Ben Aragon
>Design Survey Help,

I have this piece of cottonwood crotch that I rough turned and it has some voids and defects, its dry and ready to finish turn. I have turned vessels and left the voids, filled with coffee grounds, turquoise or brass. This is the first cottonwood I’ve tuned. I’ve seen cottonwood in a range of colors, the piece looks like it will be light in color.

For some reason this piece is giving me one heck of a time trying to decide what to do next. What ever I do should complement or contrast the natural color of the vessel. My thoughts are to leave the voids, fill with very fine coffee grounds and epoxy, or fill with epoxy dyed jet black.

I’m sure there are a thousand different things I could do (Pyro, carve, fill, ect…) that I haven’t thought of and that is where I need your help, what is your opinion?

Best Wishes,

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