Turning Archive 2005

Innovative Perspectives Exhibit

Keith Tompkins
>A new exhibition opens this Sunday: Innovative Perspectives in Turning. It will open at the Lynn T. Bignall Gallery in Brookfield,CT, and then move to the Wood Turning Center in Philly.

The curator for this event is Albert LeCoff, founder of the Wood Turning Center. About twenty nationally recognized turners were invited to participate; considered by Mr LeCoff to be the most innovative American turners.

I will have two pieces in the exhibit.....I have mentioned this exhibit to a couple of WC regulars who have encouraged me to post about the event. This exhibit is a huge boost to my turning career, and I hope it doesn't appear to be too much of a "gloat". I hesitated to post this; as I want to avoid the appearance of bragging. I certainly hope it doesn't come across that way. But, I am thrilled to say the least.

I'll preview the exhibit tomorrow....

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