Turning Archive 2005

stacking rings/ringmaster *PIC*

john Lucas
>Were discussing the merrits of the ringmaster below and I brought up the tornado that I made for the Tennessee Association entry into the AAW collaborative. I made the tornado by taking a circle of pine that was mounted on a screw center. I would turn 2 beads on the outer edge and then part about 1/2" deep between the two. Then I would part each ring off at an angle so they would stack similar to the way the ringmaster works. Then I would true up the outer edge and do the same thing until I had wasted away that piece down to about 4". Then I did the same with 3 other discs. When this was done I stacked as many as necessary to form the Tornado shape. I left everything rough and dyed it with shoe dye.

The rest of the club then turned miniatures which we hung all over it. It is roughly 3' tall and 12" in diameter. It was turned on a Delta 46-700 12x36 laathe. I thought the technique was fun and allowed me to make something interesting.

this was done about 6 to 8 years ago I think. I would have to look in the Journal to find out.

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