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message about gilding for -e-

Sam Simpson
>Hi Y'all,

Last night we had our little finishing chat and -e- asked questions about a crackle effect that had happened by mistake. We were able to determine that the problem was with oil based size past it's due date. As promised I am posting information about a new size system that will alleviate the problem.

The product is called "Instacoll". I buy it through a mail order supplier called Sepp. (seppleaf.com -or- 212-683-2840)

Instacoll is a two part system with an unlimited open gilding time. After Instacoll has dried completely, apply the activator to the area ready for gilding. Let dry and apply the leaf. There are several great advantages to this system. One is that the size product has an unknown shelf life, another is, One can size a very large area without worry when one can get back to it.

The system is more a kin to water gilding, but without the tiresome worries of exact timing. It is as easy, if not easier, to use than oil gilding, but has the superior burnishing attributes of water gilding.

In the specific case of e's crackle problem, the Instacoll product, though not fully compatible with lacquer, is far more so than oil based size. I have coated a fully wet coat of nitrocellulose lacquer over dried Instacoll size without any ill effects. I would never try that over oil based size, even after a good cure of fresh product.

I hope this information helps in some small way.

Regards Sam Simpson.

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message about gilding for -e-
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