Turning Archive 2005

Setting up new lathe questions *PIC*

>I bought an old J-line bowl lathe, 16" swing without a motor and I am in the process of setting it up. I am going to build a new heavy stand for it that I can weight down with sandbags.My question is is there a rule of thumb for how high you want your lathe to be? I am trying to decide on the height for the stand.

I am trying to decide on a motor to power this. I have a couple laying around that I could use. A 3/4 hp continuous duty cast iron antique. A new imported 2hp off a table saw (probably more like 1.5 hp) and I am considering just buying a variable speed DC motor. I was looking at just using one of my motors and putting in a jack shaft. I ran some numbers last night snf discovered that getting a good set of speeds requires a jack shaft with a 2 step pulley A 1:1 and a 1:2 ratio works well. Problem is I don't of a source of 2 step pulleys. Do you?

BTW using 2 sets of standard 4 step pulleys provides you with only about 6 usable speeds. Unless you like spinning you bowls faster than 4,000 RPM.And you can get 27,000 RPM using these and 1725 RPM motor! At this point even though it cost more the DC motor is slightly ahead because of the variable speed. I have only spun a few large rough blanks but I think that the variable speed could be a very nice feature for that.

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