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PM 3520b update

Shawn - in ID
>A few weeks back I promised to find out more about the Powermatic 3520b and post my findings:
WMH group (they own Powermatic, Jet...) technicians were very helpful. They have one 3520b and were able to run between the phone and the lathe to answer my questions. However, they don't yet have a spec sheet on the model so no real specifics yet. Upgrades include:
1) indexing
2) beefier bed/headstock/tailstock/toolrest
3) the tailstock now has a small internal cabinet for storage of small items
4)the knockout bar is replaced by some sort of knockout assembly that is integral to the headstock
5) the outboard stand now bolts directly to the feet of the lathe (no more freestanding outboard rest)
6) digital readout on front of lathe
7) something they call a 'visual comparater' which is basically a holder for spindle turnings (e.g., table leg) on the back side of the lathe to assist in copy work (it isn't a duplicator).

This new 3520b will be on demo in Las Vegas but will not be at Salt Lake City. Apparently bets are being placed among the techs at WMH as to whether the lathe will be out to distributors in September or October - but that is the timeframe. The suggested retail price will be $3359, stock #1352001 (for comparison, the suggested retail price of the 3520a is currently $2856). I just received a response from Joseph Osolnik stating that he expects to have the lathe available by end of Sept or early Oct and his price will be about $2499.

Hope this helps.

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