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HFMS Hands On Meeting - Pen Turning

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

Last night was the final Hands On Meeting for the Halton Furniture Makers Society. As with all Hands on meetings in our club we meet at a members shop to learn something new. This meeting was held in my shop and I gave a Pen Turning 101 talk and demonstration.

My goal was to give the members an over view and enough instruction in pen making that we could all make a Large Twist pen in the evening.

Here is the lathe we used in my shop, a Jet Mini, I really enjoy working with this lathe. It’s also easy to teach with as its compact size enables people to gather around while you are turning and be able to get a good view of the process.

I gave a “Blank to Finish” talk, covering most of the basics, here I am talking about matching grain from the top of the pen to the lower barrel.

Here a few of the members turning

Ralph Abel, hard to believe that he hadn’t turned in 30 years, he caught on quickly!

I was trying to give Jim a bit if control advice with the skew, he turned a lovely pen!

And these are the pens we made, in 3 hours we survived a bit of a thunder storm, some of Ralph‘s bad jokes and some saw but, but came away with several excellent first time results from a few rookies and great looking pens from a few who have a few brass tubes under their belts!

And here are the happy pen makers, a great evening guys, thanks for being patient with me and making teaching pen turning so easy!

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