Turning Archive 2005

reverse turning DUH

John Lucas
>I had about a dozen turners out to my place for a hands on turning day this last Saturday. We had a great time and made a garage full of shavings. I went into the shop this morning to finish up a vase one of the guys started. I had shown them how to use ring tools, hook tools and of course gouges.

I could not get the ring tool to cut. I sharpened it, at least I thought, and it still wouldn't cut. I was tired and didn't feel like sharpening it again so I pulled out my boring bar. It wouldn't cut. I sharpened the cutter and it still wouldn't cut. I pulled out another bar with smaller cutter and it still wouldn't cut. I thought man this is the hardest wood I've ever turned so I pulled out my trusty bowl gouge, sharpened it and darn if if it wouldn't cut either. THAT'S when I saw the darn reverse switch on my lathe. Someone had used the reverse mode, probably to sand and I never thought to look at it. I never use reverse. Boy did I feel dumb.

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