Turning Archive 2005

I think I failed the test, question for Ellis

Barry Irby
>Ellis, I have only posted one or two pictures. Over on the flat side a few days ago I posted a pic of a snake that joined me in my shop. I took it at 1.1 mega pixels and posted it as a "thumbnail" of about 18k. It appeared about an 1 1/4 square. I went back and fiddled and cropped and used either 25% or 50% and got it up to about 38k. Several times it was rejected because it was over 40K. It came out about 1 1/2 by 2 on the screen the second time. (I wanted the snake to appear to be an Anaconda, I swear that's what it looked like to me.) I understand we have more K's on the round side, and well we should,and I'm not good with the pic's, but there you have it. My question is how do you get the picture to fill the screen?

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