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lathe/tool maintenance

john Lucas
>In a post below Stuart brought out an interesting point. When I was growing up most woodworkers could pretty well strip and rebuild any machine in thier shop. My generation saw the automobile getting harder and harder to repair and many of my cohorts have never done a repair job in thier life. I was fortunate to be on the edge of that and learned to rebiuld my motorcycle and cars and worked in the electronic service industry for years before becomeing a full time photographer.

OK here's the question. Should we as turners learn to rebuild/modify or whatever a piece of equipment or is this becomeing unecessary. I look at it like learning to tune up a hand plane. You start off planing and then in the search for better curls you learn to tune it.

Personally I tune or alter every machine in my shop with rare exceptions. It always interests me when someone has no interest in this at all. Not condeming them. Enjoying this hobby is what it's all about and we each have our level I just wanted to see what you all think.

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