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Irene Gafert demo *LINK*

Rick Allen
>The CAW had a nice demo with Irene Gafert this past Saturday. She is a delight watch and listen to. Her work is frightfully good. She is able to convey what she is doing in a way that makes it easy to understand. When she is asked a question she will answer the question and if she feels more of an explanation is needed then she will go into more detail than your question asked for. This extra detail will usually provide "light bulb" moments. I could see the group light up over and over again.

Our meetings usually thin out a lot at noon. For this meeting lunch was provided (pizza) which helped to keep the crowd intact. But mostly it was Irene's command of the audience which kept the butts in the seats.

At one point there were a series of questions about lacquer. Irene had a lot more material to cover and she knew that her value was not in answering questions about lacquer. She said. "I am not going to answer any more questions about lacquer." The lacquer topic came up again and Irene held firm, while pushing forward on her agenda.

Because she spent a good deal of her time coloring and burning and leafing it was easy to forget that she is a woodturner. At one point she reminded the audience that she has a shop with a lathe and drill press and all the usual woodturning items.

If you have a chance to see her demo, do yourself a favor and watch and listen with an open mind. Ask questions if you don't understand something. Irene is an expert in the adornment of woodturnings. She is willing and eager to share what she has learned. And she has learned what she knows by study and trying out what she has learned.

The link below is to a series of pictures I took at the meeting. The initial page is a series of thumbnails. Clicking on a thumbnail will open a page with a larger picture. There is no prose with the pictures. I was using a new lens which prevented me from getting close enough to Irene's turned objects to get an angle which would show off her work the way it should be.



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