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Question for Don Pencil

Ben Aragon

I bought your Scorpion and Stinger hollowing system a year and a half ago and I think itís great. Iím a hobbyist and not a professional turner so my comments are uneducated. I had to decide which hollowing tool out of all that are out there to buy. After reading Lyn Mangiameli articles and what people have posted on the web, I decided your system best fit my needs and price range. I have never regretted my decision and I can tell you I think this tool is very well made and performs great.

After reading many articles, turning many bowls, vessels, and boxes I know one tool canít do everything. I good friend decided to by the new Munro hollower and Iíve had the opportunity to try it. It is also a very nice tool and my friend likes it very much. I know there are two types of cutting approaches, scraping (Scorpion) and shearing (Munro) and each one may work better than the other depending on the type of wood, grain orientation, dry or wet, ectÖ

My question is could you, would you, and do you have any plans on making a hooded shear cutter assembly that could attach to the Scorpion curved arm??? Iím also not a mechanical engineer this is just an idea I had and it may be a dumb one. Iím sure you would only do this if it could be done right and with the same quality you demand in your tools now.

Not being a professional I am limited on my budget and I donít mind taking the time to change out parts on my tools. Thank you for listening. If anyone has comments on my question I would appreciate your views as well.

Best Wishes,

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