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What should I do next? *PIC*

GaryG in MD
>I have a Jet 1236. The photo below shows the current state of the stock banjo extender supplied for outboard turning.

This is NOT the result of a catch, unless you define a catch as the extender cracking and falling on the floor with the tool rest. To the best of my recollection, there was no significant tool movement or loud sound. There is no evidence of a catch on the tool rest. It just broke and fell off.

I was working on centers, not outboard. I was gently and carefully using a square-end scraper to re-round the ovalled tenon of a dried red-oak bowl, for subsequent rechucking. I needed to use the extender to get the tool rest back to the centerline, over the ways, because the banjo had to be perpendicular to the ways, since there was barely enough room for it between the rim of the very shallow 11Ē bowl (call it a platter) and the adjacent tailstock.

I was working at the centerline vertically, or just a smidge below, on the left end of the standard 12Ē Jet tool rest. The scraper was freshly sharpened, with a burr, and held level to slightly nose down. I was getting some short, thin shavings, as expected ... then, with no warning, the pictured result. This extender had only been used a couple times and had never had a catch on it, to the best of my memory.

So my questions are: 1) why did it happen, and 2) what do I do now?

Mainly, I would like to know if this is a common problem with this part. I guess itís cast iron, but after this, I think I would have to call it ďcheap pot metalĒ. Although Iíve had the lathe for a couple years, Iíve hardly ever used this part. Is this a design flaw, poor materials, or both? Should Jet replace it? Will Jet replace it?

I expect I know the answer to the last question. Was this a fluke, or is this behavior what I can expect again in the future? If so, I donít think I want to pay for another one -- but Iíll need something like it. What are my options? Should I get a new one and hope for the best, find somebody to weld this one back together, or what? Iím not a machinist, nor do I have any welding or metal-cutting tools. Iím pretty much stuck with what I can buy.

Iíd like to hear some inputs before I call Jet and Woodcraft.

Thanks for your insights,


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