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Roughing out question *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>I understand the basic roughing out principles for working with green wood, but am a bit unsure how to attack it for a more unorthodox form. I did this one "UFO" style flower holder from dry cherry, and now I want to develop this form with more flowing curves in green wood. I want it to drape over itself more, as in the bottom curve hits the center and starts back down towards itself again. So am I supposed to start slightly hollowing out this back curve again and just leave it nice and thick? I just started using the alcohol drying method, and so far I have only used it for more traditional shapes, actually I have not finish turned the ones I have done yet.

I am interested in getting more sculptural with my works, so keeping this in mind, I'd like some advice for how to do my rough outs so that I will still have enough wood remaining to sculpt after final turning. I'm not one who likes to design my works very much ahead of time, so I do not see myself settling on a form then roughing out to any specified thickness keeping designated final lines in mind.

Here is a pic of the form I have done in dry cherry. as I described, the bottom curve will go up then turn back downwards again, like a flower opening up. Right now it is sort of a mirror image of the top curve. Them whole body/rim of the holder will probably still remain thick so how much will this add to the drying time? The piece is about 7" x 2.5"

Any suggestions would really be appreciated. Thanks

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