Turning Archive 2005

Beware of "service@paypal.com"

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Not at all an unusual email address to show up in my inbox. Almost anytime I make a transaction with PayPal I see one from that address, usually a receipt or something for a valid transaction.

But yesterday one showed up and I clicked on it because it is a valid email address I'd expect something from. The message said my paypal account had been flagged for unusual activity and deactivated to protect me from fraud. It also said that I needed to check in to reinstate it.

It was as real sounding as it gets. But something didn't quite sit right, because I'd been using paypal several times over the last week, just the day before in fact. After a close examination of the url they supplied as a link I realized it was a scam - it was going to take me, no doubt, to a fake site where they'd get me to log in with my paypal credentials and then use them on the real paypal site.

I almost did it, and I've been doing this kind of thing a long, long time. I was really surprised that I almost fell for it. I can't imagine how many less computer aware folks fall for this.

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