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Catch me if you can *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>A couple were driving down a country road when the wife glanced over and saw a chicken running alongside of the car. “Honey, look at this!” she said. He looked over and said “I’ll be damned, that thing is doing 40mph! Lets see if he can keep up.”. So he sped up to 60, and darned if the chicken didn’t pull right up alongside the car. Then the chicken looked over, winked, and sped off and turned down a dirt road. “I gotta follow that chicken!”
So they followed it to a farm where there were hundred of chickens flying all over the place at high rates of speed. “This is incredible!” And with that he got out the car and searched for the farmer. He asked the the farmer to tell him about these incredible chickens, and the farmer said “Well, one day one of our chicken eggs hatched and damned if a 3 legged chicken didn’t come out. Me and my bright ideas, I thought “shoot, people like the drumsticks best anyway, I’m gonna breed me a whole farm full of these things! I’m gonna be a millionaire!”
“That’s really neat” said the farmer. “How do they taste?”

Farmer says “Damned if I know. I can’t catch any of the suckers!”


Made of one piece of tupelo. Anyone ever thinks about turning tupelo - forget it. It sands to shape on the lathe better than it turns. Hollowed, carved, textured and painted. About 6 or 7" tall. One of my pieces for the instant gallery at KC.

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