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PM 45 questions

john jesseph
>Hi all...

I was turning a chair leg on my 1960's vintage PM 45, and was making some observations. I haven't used it much yet, it is basically as is from the school auction where I got it. I haven't even done any cleaning let alone anything else. Single phase, variable speed.

First, and more specifically, I noted lots of noise, and the headstock assembly seemed to be getting warm to the touch. I suspect the rumbling noise could be the old belts I have yet to replace, but it could be the headstock bearings, which could be the source of the heat.

Next question, for my other newer PM45 (1970s), what is the biggest 3 phase motor that can fit inside the machine? I am going to get a phase converter anyway, and it seems like 3 phase motors are smaller. I would like to keep both machines, since I already own them. I would like to set one up as a permanent chair leg lathe, and use the other one for more varied turning. I thought about using this one with a vfo or whatever you call it, because it is a four speed step pulley drive.

Any other thoughts on the PM 45?

How about general old-lathe rehab thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

John Jesseph

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