Turning Archive 2005

Jewelry Box Pics

Thomas Skaggs, Foothills of Mount Level
>I had one last project to make for the art gallery show. Unfortunately I did not have it completed for the opening but I went ahead and completed it and stuck it into the show, slightly belated. This is a jewelry box project and her are some pictures:

This jewelry box measures 15" square and about 6" tall. The box is made of curly cherry. The top is made of curly maple. The center carving was first lathe turned then hand carved of cherry. The center turned piece is eucalyptus burl.

The top is four doors that fold open with barrel hinges. The interior has upholstered jewelry holders made with a navy blue faux suede.

The center carved element is actually a lid to a turned bowl that is constructed into the center of the box. The bowl is ambrosia maple burl and was turned to recieve necklaces etc.

This was a fun project that allowed me to more fully incorporate flat wood construction, carving and 3 turned elements. The hard part was the upholstery! ;-)


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