Turning Archive 2005

Babies first Bowl *PIC*

Jim Ketron
>Here it is with my Twins Lauren Grace and James Riley sitting back and enjoying the outside air after a small rain shower

This bowl was my first finished bowl of this size it measures 16 1/4" X 5 1/4" and 3/4" walls, yes it is a heavy bowl. I had a time with the finish on this one I will not go into details but it was finished 2 times and this final finish is just buffed on the Beall! Big bowls are a challenge all the way around! Its not too bad roughing them out but the return and esecially the sanding can take some time. But overall Im pleased with the outcome of this Bowl.
I let this bowl dry for over 8 weeks after it had a nice alky bath for 6 days. Im real pleased with Dave Smiths methods on this large bowl! I havent seen anyone that has used this method for such a large bowl but it worked out great for me
I do Have another ambrosia Maple roughed out and waiting to be finished its a little bigger than this bowl but I dont plan on doing it anytime soon.

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