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My Pride and Joy *PIC*

Ben Aragon
>Powermatic 90 Lathe Modifications

I bought this lathe 2 years ago. This lathe belonged to a bowl turner David Irion he pasted away and his son sold it to me. The main reason I bought this lathe was that it didn’t have a gap in the bed and Powermatic make great tools.

I made some modifications last summer.
1. I raised the headstock and tailstock to make it a 20” lathe. The headstock has a 4” steel riser. The tailstock has a 4” aluminum riser with a brass bottom plate, for weight.
2. I replaced the 1-hp 1-phase motor with a 2-hp 3-phase motor and added a 3-phase variable speed controller. The controller takes 1 phase 220V input.
3. I built a steady rest from steel, ideas I got from you guys at WC. I wanted the largest capacity I could get so I used 1” square tubing.
4. I built a hollowing rig that accepts the Scorpion tools I bought. A laser pointer was added, the whole thing disassembles.
5. I built a vacuum chuck also

What I like about this lathe is:
a) The massive bed and head stock.
b) The variable speed controller and variable speed mechanical drive, I use them in combination.
c) It has about 400lbs of lead added to the base, its rock solid.
d) I bought a couple of extra tools rest banjos.
e) It has a 1-1/2 x 8 threaded headstock with new bearings. My Emco metal lathe has the same thread and I can inter change chucks, I LOVE that.
f) It came with a lot of tooling, chucks, sanding ass, ect…

I hope David is happy it is still in good shape and in good use.

Best Wishes,

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