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Titan Power Grip Jaws

John Trant (Baltimore/DC area)
>I just received a new Technatool Titan 5" chuck but I did not realize that they were fitted with the old 4" Powergrip jaws (the ones that fit on the Super Nova chucks). The chuck and jaw set were purcahsed from KMS so (as typical of their customer service), they said they would work with me to offer a reasonable price for an exchange of the old Power Grip Jaws (4") for the new Titan Power Grip Jaws (5"). FYI, these jaws hold a tenon that is an inch greater in diameter and a 1/2" longer than the old style Powergrips. These jaws may be about $60 (Canadian retail) MORE than the old Powergrips.

My Question: Are the new Titan Jaws that much better than the old Powergrip jaws when either are mounted on a Titan chuck?
- OR -
Is the extra holding power of the Titan system more in the chuck opposed to the new jaws.

NB: This chuck was specifically purchased to turn 16"-24" bowls and for deep hollowing.

Thanks in advance for any and all opinions.


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