Turning Archive 2005

Powermatic non-typical questions

>You guessed it! I'm getting ready to pull the trigger and I'm hoping someone with experience with the 3520 can offer me assistance.

The area in which it will live is small. No problem fitting in it, but I'm starting to push the limit for turning on the end with an outboard stand.

My questions:

1) Physically, how much space do you need to comfortably and safely turn from the end?

2) How much space would you like to keep on the back side of the lathe? Is it ever better/easier to turn from the back side as opposed to riding it? Once it's in place, I really don't want to have to move that monster.

3) What is your opinion of the Powermatic outboard stand? I'm trying to decide if I should take the really big plunge now and get the package, or just the lathe.

4) what advantage does the remote switch offer? (the package includes one)

5) what about face plates, tool rests etc. In your experience, if I just get the lathe with the standard 3" face plate and 14" tool rest, how long will it be before I out grow them?

FYI, the plan is to turn larger items. Bowls, vases, etc. My bride can keep her mini filled with those small items :)

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