Turning Archive 2005

Delta 12" Variable speed Lathe

Jonathan Patrick-Hernando, Mississippi
>Ok guys and gals, I'm very new to turning and know virtually nothing about lathes so bear with me. I purchased today a 12" Delta lathe that is complete but has not been assembled. It is mint condition! It was originally purchased through the Delta facillity in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1985 and was never used. It was sold as defective. All parts are present and accounted for but there is a flaw. The bed has a crack about 1 1/2" long on the top of one of the ways about 7" from the headstock and has a slight high spot. My first question; Is this something that would cause a problem other than not being able to move the tailstock beyond this point?---2)Can cast iron be welded or brazed so that this crack can be stabilized to some degree?---3)I only paid $300.00 for it and have a Jet mini-lathe that I just bought but have only about 15 minutes on. Should I keep the Delta if it is safe to use and sell the Jet? I can only have one. So says my wife and I love my wife!

What say you.


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