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General 26020 vs. Powermatic 3520

Brad Vietje
>Hi Folks,

I posted this question earlier today, but didn't want this question to get mixed up in John's very understandable (and justified !) new lathe gloat. I'll pose the question anew here:

Either of these lathes would be a nice upgrade for me, and I will be building a new shop and making such an upgrade in the next 6 months... I've been exposed to both, and often cite these as two of the best values in full-sized, serious lathes. (BTW, the DVR is also in the running , especially for spindle turning -- might still need a second "bowl" lathe, though.)

OK, now I have to decide which one I ought to buy ... I like the short bed capability of the 3520 for larger bowls and hollow forms turned at the tail end of the bed, though I've heard a negative comment about the durability of the headstock casting where the mechanism tightens down against the bed ways...(is this true ?) I also like the local nature of General, which I could get with no shipping if I order one in time for the Totally Turning symposium in Albany, or else I could drive up to Drummondville, PQ, which is just 3 hours from me...

Any pros and cons I ought to conider ?

Safe Spinning,

Brad Vietje
Thetford, VT

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