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Thanks on the Art show answers - Long

Ron in Drums PA
>Boy was I surprised to see so many answers this morning. Thanks everyone for your needed advice.

I have a source for semi transparent plastic bags with handles - BrownCor.com
..... 12x3x18 500 for $24
..... 13x3x21 500 for $29
..... 16x4x24 500 for $40

I have a local source for tissue paper.

Credit Cards
I already have a credit card merchant account and plan on using it at the show. I'm familiar with ProPay and they are expensive. I pay 1.69% for swipes and 2.29% for keyed in or phone orders, $2.00 statement fee, NO transaction fees and no limits. Check with your local banks, you may get a better rate. In my business I have a phone terminal, and at the show I will have one of the old CC machines. If you have a storefront the best rate is at NPC.com. They don't show their rates on the web and you have to go though an approval process to get signed up. Most customers like it to be easy when making purchases, credit cards make it easy, so make it easy for your customers.

Business Cards
A few of you mentioned this, here is my thoughts.
Get them professionally printed - home printed on a inkjet with laser cut edges looks CHEAP and amateurish.
Handout at least three cards with each order, hopefully they may pass one of them on to a friend who is interested in buying something from you.

Sales Slips
It is important to give sales slips at every sale, obviously for tax purposes. But more importantly, it is a way to get their names and addresses to create a mailing list of buyers. Before each show or holiday send out a flier or a postcard to these folks

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