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Deft masters? long

>I am in the middle of finishing a segmented piece of holly and ebony. I painstakingly sanded the piece to keep the ebony dust out of the holly, and decided to try my standard finish of Waterlox. I immediately hated it. The amber glow I like so much with figured maples and the like, just did not work with the holly and ebony combo. So I sanded off the Waterlox then considered my options. I figured I could use either shellac, lacquer or water based poly. I really don't like polyurethane and have had a bad experience with shellac (plus I think shellac would also impart an amber glow), so I decided to try lacquer. My only previous experience with lacquer was finishing a cherry bedroom set of furniture with Deft brushing lacquer which I then hand rubbed for a soft finish.

I have a hvlp gun that works off a compressor, which I admit I have never used and did not want to experiment on this piece, so I decided to give spray Deft a try. Well I have applied several coats, but have experienced rather pronounced orange peel. Tonight I leveled it out with 320 grit stearated paper and gave it aonther light coat. My plan at this point is to lay on several more thin coats and then level again and try finishing the finish. I was just wondering if there is any way to prevent the orange peel, or if I am stuck with it due to the product I am using. I have never set up my shop for spraying because I don't like the idea of the hazards and I am usually very pleased with the results I get from Waterlox. Any suggestions on how I should proceed?

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