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Stihl chainsaw- How do I adjust the bar oil amount

Al Crandall --NE of Indy--
>I put a new drive sprocket kit on my old 028 Super recently. In the process of getting the old sprocket off I had to remove a gear which was attached to a 1/2" dia acme screw which I am pretty sure was the oil pump. Fired it up tonight and checked the oil flow against the side of a log. I saw very little slinging off the bar end. I removed the bar and chain and ran it with the sprocket cover off. There was a small amount of oil being pumped into the oil slot. I have never tried this before so I assumed that this was the proper amount of oil. I made sure the oil hole in the bar was clear and reassembled the saw. After one tank of gas, the oil reservoir was only half empty. Normally it is almost all gone after one tank of gas, and the oil slinging off the bar is quite noticeable. What do I do to get more oil flow? It was working great before the sprocket kit installation. The on line manual from Stihl is no help at all. Al

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