Turning Archive 2005

Great new Woodwork magazine - Lots-O-Turning

Craig Daymon
>Just got my latest issue of Woodwork Magazine. (The magazine has been around for quite a few years, but an amazing number of people have never seen a copy.) Lots of focus on Turning. First there is an article /interview with Mark Sfirri, including directions on turning one of his mult-axis candlesticks and that is followed by an article on turning for furniture. The last article in the magazine is one on turning a Celt ("a top with a most unusual behavior").

There's also a nice carving article, one on a great art nouveau side table, making your own waxes and, of course, their always outstanding gallery (which FWW seems to have started copying in the last year or so, but not with as much variety).

This is a great magazine with loads of inspiration. It is printed with the same quality as FWW, but at a lower cost. If you've never seen it before, this would be one to get (especially for the turning crowd).

They're relatively new to the web, but they finally have a site. I'll put the link below.


P.S. Mark Sfirri is part of our Bucks turners group. I wish I had asked him some questions before I tried multi-axis turning for the first time this last weekend. Now I know there's a possibility of some serious review at the next meeting.

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